.-.   .-.
            /   \ /   \ 
        .-. |    |    | .-.
       /   \ \  / \  / /   \
       |   |  '`.-.`'  |   |
        \_.' .-`   `-. '._/
          .-'         '-.
         /               \   miaou!
         |     CⒶTS!     |  |
          \             / _.`
     jgs   '.___...___.'

Let's bring the CⒶTS to east coast!

  • what? a reincarnation of the epic CⒶTS meeting from the west coast, this time on the east coast!
  • where? out of the city near the Appalachian region, but also a mailing list and an IRC channel
  • when? we held a few events so far, and are always trying to plan new ones in a decentralised fashion
  • who? awesome people from the region, uniting to learn better from each other and share their knowledge in a peaceful and respectful way
  • how? DYI, safe space, anarchist, amazing skillshare!

This site is a wiki running ikiwiki, so it has the usual sandbox where you can do tests and put silly stuff. Also note the pad which grew into this wiki, which can still be used to dump stuff and chat, in case this wiki is down.

Be prepared! You can already make a local copy of this site to access it offline or if the main site is down, see the "Branchable" tab on top. You can also make a complete mirror of the site, see tips/distributed wikis.

Please don't share this on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Statusnet), only word of mouth! See this excellent speech by Eben Moglen (avec sous-titres français) to understand why.