C@TS is currently an "invite-only" project: you are generally invited by someone that is part of the group already.

There is a mailing list where those people communicate and coordinate between events, see the mailing list homepage to ask to register if you have been invited.

We want to invite people mostly in the region. Others are welcome to attend, but we don't necessarily want to fly people from all over the world, but instead unite locally with people we are likely to see on a more regular basis.

So our focus is the "appalachian region", which includes Quebec, New England, and so on.

We want to keep this small - this is not a conference!! We should limit ourselves to a small house, say 15-20 people to start with, maybe 30 if people are willing to camp.


Not sure what the gender breakdown of the current invitee list is, but it's never too early to address what tends to be the guy-heavy nature of these gatherings! cAts in Seattle (the one I went to, anyway) had a reasonably strong feminist angle, which is something to build on. --dru