This was a special meeting, not directly related to C@TS, so more intimate, largely influenced by FemHack (feminist hacking) and including some children, some C@TS people, some dogs (!), and some feminist hackers.

This was held at Anne's amazing flat in Val-David.

This wasn't held within the larger CATS context because there wouldn't have been room for everyone...


They know Was that the real gift in the making, and That, without love, making just wasnt possible. - The gift is in the making. Anishanaabeg stories. Retold by Leanne Simpson, 2013

Dear friends hackers makers, lovers of life, people, things, collective knowledge, knowhow and do it together.

Thesis in crazy times of acquisition of objects for our loved ones, here is an invitation to the home and workshops, The Bulbs, for a camp to last between 18 and 21 December * approx. The bulbs are the website location is 3235 laverdure at Val david, about one hour from montreal.

The gift is in the making is taken from a corpus by Anishanaabeg Leanne Simpson, Who talk about the sharing of knowledge about harvesting and making maple syrup. The idea is to offer to each other, the knowhow, practices, tools That Can Be Both technical, pedagogical, recreational, ecological or somatic and contribute to our collective well Generally -be. Inspired by feminist methodologies, We Will Pay Attention to the way we share knowledge, and the establishment of a responsible space, listening, learning and caring.

You can of course offer a topic Was session to explore together! The Camp Will Be intergenerational: welcome to children and parents.

Meals Will Be potluck (break fast Will Be free). The Day Begins at 10:00 am Was common discussion. The evenings are free: possibilities of cozy fire, movie screenings, games and eve, in the respect of the children sleep. The house can Accommodate 8 to 10 people to sleep, and There is enough to keep two or three sessions in parallel (in a kitchen, a bedroom, a workshop Garage) There are also of course, the beautiful great outdoors , cold, white and refreshing.



  • Boriana making 4 movies with Toonloop
  • Space Alert & Crib


  • Ranger
  • Pain au levain (but both ovens stopped working!)
  • Nourrir les oiseaux
  • Mapmap
  • Choucroute
  • Jouer dans la neige
  • Tricot
  • Crazy carpet
  • Acheter à manger
  • Organiser les étagères - we talked about this book: Faire le ménage chez soi, faire le ménage en soi, de Dominique Lareau
  • Regarder les étoiles - we verified that we indeed saw Jupiter, Orion, Cassiopea, the big dipper and more using Stellarium


  • Critique du système d'éducation (en déjeunant)
  • Radio fil sans fil - when an RCA to "mini" jack is missing, there's nothing like the N900 FM transmitter and a bit of FM wiring
  • Anti-crastination - we procrastinated that one until the last minute, but we made it
  • Ski - we explored the traditionnal Gillespie nordic ski trail
  • backups - we did a little roundtable about backup horror stories and best practices
  • Contes autochnones (remplacé par Space Alert)


  • fix ladder - replaced with oven hacking
  • build table - replaced with oven hacking
  • fix, hack, turn on the oven - after basically taking apart both ovens to verify the wiring and bypassing the timer on one of them, it turns out the over wasn't turned on - the timers are such confusing user interfaces
  • BMR - we bought a multimeter and used it to test the oven elements
  • Spa - we visited the local spa which was noisy with corporate holiday-goers
  • Install Debian - we installed Debian Wheezy 7.7 for our host, it took around an hour